How to reduce an HR hangover this festive season

It’s early December and many employers have planned or will be thinking about planning the Christmas party. As the festive season approaches this often brings an increase in the social events for most workplaces and employees may have one or more parties to attend.

Here are our tips on how to throw a party and reduce an HR hangover!

  • Consider seeking the views of employees when planning the party as this can encourage staff to attend your event
  • Have a rule which sets out the standards the company expect and prohibits employees from acting inappropriately at company related events, they are after all representing your organisation
  • Make attendance voluntary not mandatory
  • Manage the party and the alcohol – designate people to make sure everyone is behaving appropriately
  • For those drinking alcohol remind them they’re more likely to have a great time celebrating with colleagues if they drink in moderation
  • Consider providing transport to ensure staff arrive home safely
  • If staff are expected to come into work the next day make sure this has been communicated clearly
  • And finally… forget the mistletoe!

Posted: November 22nd, 2016

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