Management Development Programme

To help support businesses, our clients and their managers we have hosted a management development programme. This consisted of a number of bite-sized “How To…” workshops which were aimed at providing the knowledge and skills to successfully manage typical day to day HRcrownsuitepic issues and to offer support with more strategic business activity.

A brief description of each workshop is detailed below. We are planning our 2017 events and further information will be on our website soon.


  • How to be an effective manager


  • How to understand and apply your rights as an employer


  • How to recruit and select


  • How to manage job performance


  • How to manage sickness absence


  • How to motivate and engage your workforce


  • How to restructure to support your organisational goals


In the meantime if you would like further details please call us on 0191 516 6815 or contact us via email on